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MuslimVideo.com is "Fitnah Free website", a family safe website. We've created this website to make it a media portal and an alternative web space for Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, we are doing our best to connect Muslims in the west with the Muslims in the east through this webspace. Our website include many services such a video sharing website, live Islamic channels broadcast in many languages, educational & beneficial online games, classifieds, video resumes, top islamic websites; we will keep adding services through time in-shallah.

Your support is very important to make this website successfull in-shallah; spread the word about MuslimVideo in your community.

MuslimVideo.com is a public access Islamic compliant video sharing and Media hosting web site for Muslims around the world, which lets users upload their videos from PC, or import videos from famous websites, view, and share video clips with the world.
All other services of MuslimVideo Network including not limited to Islamic live tv, Video Resume, Classifieds, Games, Top Islamic sites, SMS and downloads are free to use by bounding by Terms and conditions of use of Muslimvideo.com.

MuslimVideo.com its own purpose is to give the opportunity to Muslims around the world to connect, to express their freedom and to use the website to educate people about Islam and to clarify the right image of Islam by correcting the common misconceptions about Islam; and answer the Islomophibia and the propaganda against Islam that has been used widely in the media arround the world. This message is from real Muslim people to the world.
All ethnicities, all cultures and races from the Muslim world are welcome to add their videos and content to this website and use its services after bounding by its terms and conditions of use.

MuslimVideo.com is a friendly video community that does not tolerate any type of hateful, aggressive, violent, hostile, discrimination, or otherwise irritating content or behavior between its members.

MuslimVideo.com is a family-safe website, and any content considered inappropriate for family view will be removed immediately.All videos that will be reported inappropriate from our members or users will be removed. All videos must be Islamic compliant and acceptable by the Holy Quran and the teaching of Prophet peace be upon Him (Sunnah).

MuslimVideo.com is not responsible for any content linked to or referred to from the websites. MuslimVideo.com is not responsible for any content uploaded / imported from other websites.

MuslimVideo.com is not affiliated with any Political or Religious or governmental organization or group.

The wide variety of site content includes movies , TV clips, Islamic lectures, documentaries, business profiles, people profiles as well as videoblogging and short original videos of Islamic events, Educational videos, short presentations of many Masjids and Islamic organizations arround the world.

If you are a guest and you are intersted to register in this website to upload/Import your videos, use its services please Read our Terms of use before registering. If you refuse to bound by its terms and conditions of use please kindly leave the site muslimvideo.com.


"The constitution protects your right of free speech and the Uniform Commercial Code protects our rights to serve and do business with whom we choose. We'll respect your rights, please respect ours."

Request, comment and suggestion are welcome and it can be sent to info(@)MuslimVideo.com

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