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If people only read and understood Surah Al Asar that would be sufficient for their success'' (Imam Shafiee). Ibn Abbas and others have said, Hypocrites who pray in public but do not pray in private. There is no God worthy of being worshiped except Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.This means that there is no (true) object of worship except Allah and there is no path to Him (i.e. way of worshiping Him) other than that which the Messenger came with. The idolaters worship other than Allah, with acts of worship that Allah has not allowed. This is why the Messenger said to them, To you be your religion, and to me my religion. This is similar to Allah's statement, And if they belie you, say: For me are my deeds and for you are your deeds! You are innocent of what I do, and I am innocent of what you do!(10:41)and He said, To us our deeds, and to you your deeds. (28:55) Al-Bukhari said;It has been said, (To you be your religion.) means disbelief. (and to me my religion.) means Islam.
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