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Who are 1st Ethical Charitable Trust? 1st Ethical Charitable Trust was established in 2003 as the primary vehicle through which the 1st Ethical group of companies can contribute to various good causes. We are registered with the Charities Commission (Registered Charity Number 1098185). Humanitarian Relief We actively work with a number of partner organisations across the world to alleviate poverty through building and/or sponsoring running costs for wells, schools, mosques, shelter & housing complexes for widows and orphanages. Many projects are designed to equip the recipients with local skills enabling them to become self sufficient over a period of time. Community Education & Training We provide an extensive range of educational literature and organise events at many mosques and training seminars for people from all walks of life. We have working relationships with many leading mosques and Islamic institutues throughout Britain, and regularly hold grass roots programmes designed to empower Muslims to make informed shariah choices over their legal and financial affairs. We provide a free Islamic Will service as well as produce numerous guides which can all be downloaded from our knowledge centre. Shariah Advice and Guidance We work closely with qualified scholars who verify the shariah accuracy of our products. We also provide free guidance on a wide range of financial and legal queries. We have also helped establish the UK’s first ever independent Shariah scholar board specialising in contemporary financial matters - Al Qalam. For more detail please visit www.alqalam.org.uk. Contemporary Challenges We actively work with various government bodies such as HM Treasury, FSA and HM Revenue and Customs to ensure financial and tax legislation is drafted in a manner to facilitate Shariah compliance. We successfully lobbied the government in 2006 to amend proposed changes to trust law, so as to safeguard tax-efficient Islamic wills.
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