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  Assalam Alikom. I'm   halfourdeen.
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Yusuf Chowdhury
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I am an Internet Marketing Consultant and a Social Media Strategist who focuses on promoting and building a continuing relationship with your new potential clients, using social media and online marketing strategies. Since these are the trends dominating our time and age, then why not embrace them and get started? With all these, helping others advance their business and teaching them to reach the apex of their potentials are the things that I love the most. My exposure to the world of Social Media started in 2006 when I was helping a friend start a project with short films. We had no experience whatsoever in film, but took the plunge on faith. For one reason or another our focus changed from short films to video blogs, and from there the project took off beyond our expectations. Through that experience, I realized the huge role that Social Media plays not only in business, but also in creating awareness and connecting with the rest of the world. Best of all, it’s a form of media over which you have complete control. Over the recent years, I’ve consulted with many non-profit organizations, small businesses, and online education groups to help them use social media and online marketing, develop ingenious ideas, and find ways to promote and advance their business. I get great satisfaction from empowering others to start their business, seeing them grow and become independent, and lending a hand to help them create a lasting legacy for themselves and their families.
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San Antonio TX
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