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  Assalam Alikom. I'm   Noora1.
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I believe I am the poor to Allah, Ahmed Moait, I have a message to Muslims and Non-Muslims, to all mankind: "Wake up before it's too late. My message is very simple, we have to embrace Islam, Muslim and non-Muslim. We have to go back to the base, we have to understand, acknowledge, and develop the belief and the Oneness of Allah, the Creator, and the Almighty." We have to develop ubudiyya (slavery to Allah), and Rububiyya (realizing Allah is the Governor, Controller, and Provider) with all the names of Allah in reality- Not in the tongue, in a speech or on the internet. And we have to set the role model and feel responsible, so that when you die, you can say, "Allah I tried my best, with my body, my time and my money, with my love, my devotion, and my thinking. That's my goal, my aim, my job and my duty, the one which Allah has honored me with and has already given to me."
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