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  Assalam Alikom. I'm   salam752.
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If you wish to distill truth from falsehood, behave only like someone who wishes to increase his knowledge and to win greater recompense from God. Do not behave like someone who is content with what he has, who is looking for some fault to criticize or a curious detail to hawk around. This would be the behavior of vile men who never succeed in their studies of religion or search for the True path, wherever it may be. If you come towards God with good intentions, you will always obtain the best results. Otherwise, stay at home and off the net, that would be less tiring for your body, more worthy of your moral conduct and more salutary for your religious life. We know that,The enemies of Allah's Messengers use all possible ways to drive people away from the straight path "guidance", starting a severe media war represented in many different ways, as using obscenity in speech about the Messengers of Allah and describing them with obscene words. Almighty Allah says: " Likewise, no Messenger came to those before them but they said: "A sorcerer or a madman!"" { Sur'at Athariat, V: 52 }. So,Get your resources from the right places. Learn about Islam from Muslim Scholars and not AntiIslam websites and zionist channels.#noHtml_allowedbr> Here are some good websites to know about Islam and Muslims: #noHtml_allowedbr>>> /> />>>>> te/#noHtml_allowedbr>> #noHtml_allowedbr>
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