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Video Description
A Hafiz of Quran
A PHD in Islam
A Hafiz of Sahih Al Bukhari
A Teacher for Over 20 Years
A Father of 4
A Husband
Alone at his time of need?
The Prophet (Upon Whom Be Peace) said: `The Believer to the Believer is like a solid building, one part supports the other.` [al-Bukhâri and Muslim]
Dr Dremali
In his frail health, the Shaikh is now facing considerable trial And his health is failing.
How do we deal with the words of the Messenger of Allah?
Prophet (Upon Whom Be Peace) said: `A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he leave him at the mercy of others.` (Sahih Muslim Book 032, Number 6219)
Will we be from the ansaar?
Will we be from the helpers?
Will we join the effort to help us $50,000 which is needed to help the Shaikh at this time in his severe illness!
Are there 100 people to give $500 and join the list of the 100 Ansar of 1431?
Are you able to spare $500 to support this Shaikh who supported the call to Allah for so many years in his hour of need?
Will you be the one who through this help extended to a slave of Allah, finds Allah himself comes his own helper?
The Messenger of Allah Jalla wa-Al`aa said: `Allâh supports His slave as long as the slave is supportive of his brother...` [Muslim]
Will you join the illustrious list on this blessed day?
While the hujjaj take advantage of being on the blessed Arafah, will you take the advantage of this single deed, which will allow you to free the captive, support the sick person, protect the scholars of Islam, spend from your wealth in charity?
The Messenger of Allah Jalla wa-Al`aa said:`Whoever fulfilled the needs of his brother, Allâh will fulfil his needs; whoever brought his (Muslim) brother out of a discomfort, Allâh will bring him out of the discomforts of the Day of Resurrection, and whoever screened a Muslim, Allâh will screen him on the Day of Resurrection.`[Bukhâri]
If you wish to join the campaign and become of one of only 100 in the world to support Dr Dremali on this blessed day, donate now, before the sun sets.
Allah SWT says: `The believers, men and women, are protectors of one another.` (9:71)
Don`t Delay -- Donate On This Blessed Day of Arafah Before It Departs Us

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Video Description
There existed two people which the prophet Muhammad (SAW) told us about at the time of the prophet. And they used to challenge each other in everything they did. They loved each other for the sake of Allah, and they tried to pray and beat each other in prayers so they prayed night prayers and would fast more days, when this friend heard about his brother that he would fast two days his brother would fast three days, when he heard about him that he was fasting every Mondays and Thursdays the other brother would fast day on day off, when he donated from his wealth this much the other brother would beat him and donate that much. One day they went out to jihad, fighting at battle against people who were attacking the Muslims, attacking the oppressed ones, driving people out of their homes so they thought, this is a great chance to reach the highest place in paradise, coz Allah loves those who defend the weak, so they set out and begun to fight in the battle until they lost each other. Then one of them was a captive and those who oppresses enemies, they caught this captive and they said to him. They begun to torture him and torture him and every time they tortured him he begun to laugh and the mushrikins said, why are you laughing? Im torturing you, youre a captive, he said: I am laughing because alhamdullillah I am going to die as a shaheed and beat my brother to Jannah, thats it Ive beat him and they said: What the ... What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you Muslims? The same person like you we caught before he said the same thing before he died. And he started to cry but he still died, and Allah says that they met each other in paradise. Lecturer: Billal Asad

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