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Video Description
Dr. Jamal Badawi, is a retired professor of Saint Mary University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he taught in the Departments of Religious Studies and Management. He has authored many books and articles on Islam and hosted a 352 segment television series on Islam, broadcasted all over the world, including in US and Canada. Dr. Badawi serves the boards of several Islamic organizations, including Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA). He is also the founder/chairman of the Islamic Information Foundation and currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Islamic University.

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Video Description
Immigrants are for sale in this country. Sold to private prison corporations who are locking them up for obscene profits!
Here are the top 3 things YOU need to know about the Private Prison money scheme:
The victims: Private prisons dont care about who they lock up. At a rate of $200 per immigrant a night at their prisons, this is a money making scheme that destroys families and lives.
The players: CCA (Corrections Corporation of America), The Geo Group and Management and Training corporations—combined these private prisons currently profit more than $5 billion a year.
The money: These private prisons have spent over $20 million lobbying state legislators to make sure they get state anti-immigrant laws approved and ensure access to more immigrant inmates.
Be a part of the movement to follow the players, the money and the victims of this money making scheme @ immigrantsforsale.org

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Video Description
Qabeelat AlMass presents H e ♥ r t S e r e n e (Studies in Tazkiyah) AlMaghrib, Bradford UK 10th-12th & 18-19th April 2009 Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi 10 Reasons Not To Miss He♥rt Serene: 1. Why are you worshiping Allah Aza wajjal? 2. Based on the Book: Midaaraj As Saalikeen by Ibn Qayyum Al Jawziyyah 3. How can we ensure that Allah has accepted our Duaa? 4. How do you know that you are Sincere? 5. Practical points on how to improve your prayers 6. The importance of time & elements of time management 7. How to earn Allah Love 8. How to attain Happiness in life 9. You will be taken on a tour to Jannah! 10. Are you ready to surrender your soul to the Angel of Death?

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Introduction to Zohra Sarwari s ground-breaking book , 9 Steps to Achieve Your Destiny Visit: www.zohrasarwari.com www.9stepscoachingteens.com

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