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Video Description
This video was made by sister DefendingIslam on youtube and I have taken her permission to re-upload her , it is a video response to media propaganda about what so called killing Mickey Mouse fatwa

Added: 3689 days ago by salam752
Runtime: 123.35 | Views: 4302 | Comments: 0
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Video Description
lots of anti Islam have been trying badly to distort the image of Islam by spreading lies and rumors or some opinions by Islamic extremists, for example the recent incident about killing mickey mouse lets assume it was correct ,we said many times before, muslims do not glorify their shieks or imams or any human being, we follow only Quran and hadiths(prophet Muhammad sayings)

Added: 3754 days ago by salam752
Runtime: 484.00 | Views: 4702 | Comments: 2
Video Description
Sheikh Muhammad Al-Munajid responds to media propaganda that falsely claimed that he issued a fatwa calling for killing Mickey Mouse.

Added: 3759 days ago by د. مصطفى
Runtime: 0.00 | Views: 3246 | Comments: 1

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