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Video Description
Q& A session aired on Huda TV, with Dr. Muhammad Salah and was recorded by forsanelhaq. Can a woman fast 6 days before making up her ramadan days? watch... May Allah reward the doctors, sheikhs, presenters, producers and all those who help with Huda TV, may Allah also reward the viewers of Huda TV and all Muslims who are striving to seek the correct knowledge Ameen

Added: 3352 days ago by Bismillah
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Video Description
Clips of the beginning of the Channel 4 Dispatches program- featuring a debate about whether Muslims threaten Free speech in the UK. Antoher clip features Taji Mustapha (spokesman for Hizb ul Tahrir) being cross examined. Video concludes with a vote by the audience and final comments by presenter Jon Snow.

Added: 4182 days ago by truthfull
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Video Description
Seerah (series) of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Broadcasted on Islam Channel 16-04-2007 Presenter: Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

Added: 4232 days ago by dawah
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