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Video Description
Why have so many Muslims come to hate the West? In this controversial three-part series filmed in Lebanon, Gaza, Israel, Egypt, and Bosnia, Robert Fisk—award-winning Middle East and Balkans correspondent for the London Independent—reports on Muslim unrest as ideology, religion, history, and geography come into conflict. The Road to Palestine provides the viewer with a glimpse into the ongoing conflict in the region around Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. Through interviews with members of the militant Islamic group Hamas, as well as Zionist settlers and Jewish refugees, this documentary succeeds at revealing some of this tragic situation

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Video Description
After 14 centuries from the event of the Messenger (pbuh) mosque building order in Sana\'a, Yemen, Satellites confirm his prophet hood. You can go to Google Earth and Verify for yourself. To download accompanying word file in Arabic with pictures: http://www.badongo.com/file/3189502. Any one spots a mistake in the translation please let me know, I am only Human

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