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Video Description
Planned and executed by shadowy multi-generational fascists bent on world domination and genocidal depopulation, the wars surrounding Israel and Nuclear Armageddon are being scripted to usher in a totalitarian one world government for the western and European oligarchy, and elite bankster class. The film paints a very bleak picture of the state of world affairs with few glimmers of hope, however viable options are presented, and the brutal truth is revealed on such issues as Syria, Iran, Russia, China, DPRK, Missile Defense, Depleted Uranium Munitions, Israel and Palestine, past wars, economic slavery, and the march to WW3. Also, regarding the video being mostly RT and Press TV news clips, the point was the prominent alternative media guests and subject matter, the fact that these stories arent told on cnn or msnbc or ctv only further proves that the western blocs bankster occupied commonwealth nations media is too censored to allow such monumental and apocalypse averting discussion. Most of the guests and reporters themselves are in fact American patriots and not affiliated with the Iranian or Russian government at all.

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Video Description
The President who told the Truth about illuminati

Added: 3007 days ago by alhamduliallah
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Video Description
The Rothschilds - Shares in Waterloo (Die Rothschilds - Aktien auf Waterloo). A historical account of the Rothschild family’s rise to fortune, set mostly in Great Britain during the Napoleonic wars, the movie reflected a wildly ambitious racial-political agenda. Beyond its indictment of Jewish intrigue and avarice, The Rothschilds aimed to show the /Judafication/ of British society at Rothschild bloodied hands.

Added: 3054 days ago by Sayfullah
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Video Description
Lecture by Jack Otto on July 12 2007. Jack Otto, author of /Word War III/ gives at /Forbidden Knowledge/ a compressed version of understanding on the hidden history of the Khazar empire, the Illuminati, the banking cartel and their links to the New World Order. It is an expose? of massive corruption in high places. The conspirators comprise a large satanic cult that pretends to be Jews. They control the world through international banking and all it can buy. Discover how their Illuminati organization fomented the French Revolution, American Revolution, Communism, Nazism, Civil War, the United Nations, World War I, II and soon III.

Added: 3073 days ago by Sayfullah
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Video Description
* The reasons behind the gulf war and Saddam.
* History of the Freemasons,were originally christian heretics after the capture of Jerusalem/Al Aqsa. * how they came to control England and France and t
hen the US. * The Dajjal.
* Their involvement in the entertainments industry
* how they plan to assume control using ID cards
* they are link with the Rothschild
* only hope against them is Islam
* the atrocities they have already committed using the UN
* the AIDS virus

Added: 3082 days ago by Sayfullah
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Video Description
The Iraq War, the Second Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq began on March 20, 2003, by US and British forces. Chris Everard is an award winning British Film Director Who Also Writes Books About the Secret Space Programme, The Global Network of Secret Societies known as \\The ILLUMINATI\\ and appears as a guest on radio and TV shows worldwide.

Added: 3090 days ago by Sayfullah
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