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www.alkauthar.org - now in Bradford (UK)! What Is AlKauthar An Explanation By Sheikh Bilal Ismail (Head Of AlKauthar Students Guild) AlKauthar Institute is aiming to develop a world class Islamic learning institute, providing professional, refreshing courses which will touch the hearts and revive the souls. We hope that people will be amazed with our innovative Islamic courses which incorporate both proven methodologies in teaching and the latest technology. AlKauthar will capture its students by providing engaging courses which balances both theoretical and practical approaches to Islamic knowledge, after all - what is knowledge without action? AlKauthar will be delivering excitement packed single weekend short courses which will enlighten your mind and ease the path to Islamic knowledge. AlKauthar Institute plans to develop leaders and eminent communities. AlKauthar will also incorporate into its program appropriate courses that will help nurture in the students, the necessary skills required to actively propagate Islam in all aspects of their lives both locally and internationally. AlKauthar will try to demonstrate the beauty and the great relevance of Islam today as it was 1400 years ago and how it will continue to be so in the future. Be prepared for lives and communities to be enriched as AlKauthar will structure and deliver its courses in a way that will firmly ground students in knowledge and empower them to apply it in their lives instantaneously. AlKauthar students will be surprised at just how much knowledge they will gain in such an enjoyable but professional learning environment.

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Video Description
Yassir Fazaga is an inspiring, multi-lingual speaker sought-after from USA through Canada to the Middle and Far East. He was born in Eritrea in Northeast Africa and moved to the United States at the age of 15. He has a Bachelors Degree in Islamic Studies from Imam Saud University, Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Virginia in addition to his Masters Degree in Psychotherapy from the California State University of Long Beach. At present, Shaikh Yassir is undertaking his Masters in Theology at Loyola Marymount University.
He serves as the Imam (Religious Leader) of the Orange County Islamic Foundation (OCIF) in Mission Viejo, California. He is involved as a therapist at FACES, where he helps families with different challenges in life which include: domestic violence issues, communication problems, marital matters, generational gap, difficult teens, some mental and personality disorders, divorce, grief, and single parenting among others.
Yassir Fazaga has taught the Arabic language and Islamic Sciences for the past eight years and has taught Islamic courses on Scriptural Exegesis, and Islamic financial contracts for American Open University.
Shaikh Yassir Fazaga has done numerous interviews about Islam on television news stations and radio stations around the globe. He speaks on Islam and related topics for conferences, churches, high schools, colleges and universities. He also participates on behalf of foundation in many outreach and interfaith events.
Shaikh Yassir Fazaga has this charismatic ability to instantly connect with audiences, through his lucid wit and profound wisdom, his timely humor and the warmth that his presence exudes.

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Video Description
http://www.islamic-invitation.com This Video shows us how to become a Muslim instantly. http://www.islamic-invitation.com

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