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We live in a time where Islam and Muslims are the source of much controversy. Despite, having such a long tradition in the United Kingdom, the Muslim community are increasingly isolated and polarized from the wider society. As a super hero, I come across many many distress calls from Muslims, due to being attacked, dis...criminated against and genuinely made to live in fear, and from Non Muslims, due to not knowing who their Muslim neighbors are and having an enormous amount of fear of a clash of civilizations the news alerts them to. This seems so bizarre, and it seems all both communities need to do, is sit down, and have a chicken tikka masala and realize just how much in common they have, and why they do not need to fear one another. My consciousness of this, led me to use my spidy sense to search out any brothers and sisters who were eager to do some good, engage society and showcase the beauty of Islam, with honesty and integrity. Within seconds I identified the Mercy Mission team working on an innovative project to raise awareness of Islam and the Muslims and do so in an approachable way, and thus I signed up as a volunteer, and it is brill. There is a cool project to: • Distribute 10,000 packs of dates across the UK to the general public through city centre events. • Cater for up to 5000 People (Muslim & Non Muslim) to break fast together In the UK`s 3 major largest cities. • Distribute toys at Royal Manchester Children`s Hospital for Eid Ul Fitr with celebrity support. • Billboard 3 famous high streets with the Ahadith of The Messenger of Allah, Upon Whom Be Peace. • Decorate 150 buses with The Ahadith of The Messenger of Allah, Upon Whom Be Peace And is that not cool, boys and girls? Me thinks it is. And what is even cooler, is the way this is going to be achieved is through us all partying. Now following on from justgodit.net, we are now launching www.justgoparty.com and I want to know are you ready to just go party? If so, please go register on www.justgoparty.com and hurry up, as it is limited to the 1st 1000 people.

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