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Video Description
Shaykh Yasir Qadhi_s khutbah on Hajj - The Sacred Journey of a lifetime - Yasir Qadhi The time is now. Your heart yearns for a journey of purification. In a pilgrimage conducted by Prophets across time, the call of Ibrahim was heard and responded to by the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is our duty to each answer the call and visit the House of Allah (swt). You are seeking the ultimate journey of the heart and you are about ready to depart now! Rasul Allah, sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, said: (Whoever performs Hajj to this House -- the Kaabah- and does not commit any obscenity and wrongdoing, he, or she, will come out as the day he, or she, was born - pure and free from sins.) - [Agreed Upon]

Added: 2429 days ago by dawah
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Video Description
This video clip shows a number of places in and around the grand mosque, masjid al-haram, in mecca, saudi arabia.

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Video Description
Changing of the Kiswa (black cloth on the Ka3bah) with the Labaik in the background on Dhul Hajj 9, 1427.

Added: 4385 days ago by arabone
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Video Description
What is Hajj? what is makkah? where is located? what is kaabah? Mecca

Tags: Hajj Makkah
Added: 4473 days ago by dawah
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