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-Speaker: Dr.Mohammad moinuddin Director and professor of Nuclear Medicine of MD- Baptist hospital memphis .Islamophobes claim that Salman Alfarisi and Harith bin keldah had taught prophet Muhamamd?! so why did not they speak against the alleged student who continued learning from them while ignoring them and claiming some other divine sources for his teachings? How could Salman Al farisi (who embraced christianity for a while) become Muslim and believe in his truthfulness if he knew he was coping his teachings , claiming to be his and gave him no credits !! The Quran, which was revealed fourteen centuries ago, mentioned facts only recently discovered or proven by scientists.such as the movement of the sun in its orbit or the meeting of sweat water and salt water (even though the prophet never traveled by sea)or expanding the universe etc.It is beyond reason that anyone fourteen hundred years ago would have known these facts discovered or proven only recently with advanced equipment and sophisticated scientific methods. http://www.quranicstudies.com/articles/medical-miracles/does-the-quran-plagiarise-ancient-greek-embryology.html

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