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The situation in Syria and other Muslim countries under attack is critical. Videos and pictures are circulating on YouTube and Facebook. There is no doubt that Jihad is of the most virtues acts one could do when it is done within its guidelines. On one hand we have The True Mujahideen whom are of the best people on earth! They are fighting for the sake of Allah with their own lives, may Allah grant them the highest place in Jannah. On the other hand we have The Facebook Mujahideen who sit all day long chatting on Facebook with their homeboys about Jihad, calling each other Lions and slandering the scholars, and many of them even having problems getting up for Fajr. Usually they dont have a job, they didnt finish school, they are not providing for their families or taking any social responsibilities. Still you see them pushing the most powerful ideas and criticism about various Muslims and other things. One day they are just fed-up with all the misery in their own lives and they just leave their families and all their responsibilities to go for Jihad. While their families are suffering, you see them sending pictures and videos to their homeboys on Facebook and YouTube. Now what these brothers need to do is to get their act together, stop slandering the scholars, start providing for their families and take care of their immediate responsibilities. You cant travel to another country to put a fire leaving your own home burning. If the brothers are sincere and want to go for Jihad they need to consult with a responsible Muslim Scholars in authority in their country, a wali ul-Amr, so he can check the situation of the young man and give proper advice. (English)

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