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Video Description
Koch Brothers Exposed is a hard-hitting investigation of the 1% at its very worst. This full-length documentary film on Charles and David Koch—two of the world_s richest and most powerful men—is the latest from acclaimed director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed, Rethink Afghanistan). The billionaire brothers bankroll a vast network of organizations that work to undermine the interests of the 99% on issues ranging from Social Security to the environment to civil rights. This film uncovers the Kochs_ corruption—and points the way to how Americans can reclaim their democracy. What can you do to fight back? Get the film. Host a screening. Tell your friends. Get the Koch brothers out of the shadows and into the spotlight. 10 Shocking Facts on the Kochs 1. Koch Industries, which the brothers own, is one of the top ten polluters in the United States -- which perhaps explains why the Kochs have given $60 million to climate denial groups between 1997 and 2010. 2. The Kochs are the oil and gas industry_s biggest donors to the congressional committee with oversight of the hazardous Keystone XL oil pipeline. They and their employees gave more than $300,000 to members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in 2010 alone. 3. From 1998-2008, Koch-controlled foundations gave more than $196 million to organizations that favor polices that would financially enrich the two brothers. In addition, Koch Industries spent $50 million on lobbying and some $8 million in PAC contributions. 4. The Koch fortune has its origins in engineering contracts with Joseph Stalin_s Soviet Union. 5. The Kochs are suing to take over the Cato Institute, which has accused the Kochs of attempting to destroy the group_s identity as an independent, libertarian think and align it more closely with a partisan agenda. 6. A Huffington Post source who was at a three-day retreat of conservative billionaires said the Koch brothers pledged to donate $60 million to defeat President Obama in 2012 and produce pledges of $40 million more from others at the retreat. 7. Since 2000, the Kochs have collected almost $100 million in government contracts, mostly from the Department of Defense. 8. Koch Industries has an annual production capacity of 2.2 billion pounds of the carcinogen formaldehyde. The company has worked to keep it from being classified as a carcinogen even though David Koch is a prostate cancer survivor. 9. The Koch brothers_ combined fortune of roughly $50 billion is exceeded only by that of Bill Gates in the United States. 10. The Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs accused Koch Oil of scheming to steal $31 million of crude oil from Native Americans. Although the company claimed it was accidental, a former executive in this operation said Charles Koch had known about it and had responded to the overages by saying, I want my fair share, and that_s all of it.

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Video Description
Asalamalaykum Warhamatullah InshAllah you are really well. Now, I want to ask you a question. How are you feeling? Seriously, are you well, are you in great health? Why am I asking? Well I ask, simply because who really knows? All we do know is this, that the Messenger of Allah said: `Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth, before you become old; and your health, before you fall sick; and your richness, before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life, before your death.` With this I ask you a favor, can you join me in something that will not take much from your time, but without question will be a starting point to take on all five of these Prophetic pearls? Yes, there is a Shaikh in the USA, Dr Ibrahim Dremali, and he has of late become very sick. After years of service of this religion and its followers, he needs some help with his rocketing medical bills; a phenomenon literally killing millions of people in the richest country in the world! To aid him, we had arranged a small fundraising event online with some of your favorite speakers including Shaikh Tawfique Chowdhury and Shaikh Alaa Al Syed Through this you can take advantage of: your youth, before you become old; - Using your young techy skills before you get old and do not know how to use all the new IT phenomenon of the time. and your health, before you fall sick; - Using you ability to even attend such an event, before la qadr Allah, you become sick and unwell and unable to attend such an event. and your richness, before you become poor; - Using your wealth before it returns to the one who gives it. Imagine if we reach our target for the number of people to attend, and everyone chipped in $10, essentially the cost of a Pizza, the Shaikh would have $10 000 to help with his medical bills. and your free time before you become busy; - Using the time on the 28th to benefit from the knowledge of this religion which will inshAllah help you on the road to Jannah; a great starting point for Ramadan. Putting it in your diary now, will help earmark the time, so you cannot be busy on that day too! and your life, before your death.` - Using your ability to even complete anymore good deeds, before your soul returns to Allah. Not one of us can be assured we will even be alive for the webinar, but we all know this, if we intend to make it now, and even maybe chipin the $10, then this will be written in our good deeds inshAllah, even if we did not live to see the day. http://dremalifoundation.com/

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Video Description
Documentary about some of the richest people of the middle east and how they live. NO COMMENTS...It is your turn to comment.

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