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Video Description
Powerfully addicting and interesting lecture some may be surprised by the contents of this video. Prophet Suleiman,Kabbalah,Freemasons,Sorcere,Witchcraft... MUST SEE!

Added: 3576 days ago by Sayfullah
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Video Description
توبة الدجال مع الام بي سي في الكميره الخفي MBC team visited a sorcerer to trick him, after that the sorcerer declare his repentance and he will never do that again. It is very funny video.

Tags: fun
Added: 4439 days ago by egyptdaee
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Video Description
This is an animated story of Obaid, a boy who tries to teach his people to worship Allah alone, but is opposed by a powerful and arrogant king. While Obaid is the apprentice of an evil sorcerer, he learns about the oneness of God from a pious monk. The boy struggles to teach this truth to others, but his wicked king tries desperately to kill him.

Added: 4490 days ago by kidy1
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