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Video Description
Jud Suss is based upon the story of the Jew Joseph Oppenheimer, Finance Minister of the German Duchy of Wurtemburg in the 1730s. In the movie, the Jew/s name is Suss Oppenheimer (hence Jude Suss).The movie begins with scenes that depict how the Jew conned his way into Wurtemburg, bypassing the No-Jew laws in effect. The Jew shaves off his beard and dresses like a Goy, but is still recognized by Aryans as a rat. After making the Duke in indebted to him, the Jew proposed that the Duke could satisfy the debt by giving the Jew control over the roadways of Wurtemburg. Once this happened, the Jew set up several tolls and taxes, which amounted to taking a 1/4 - 1/3 of the farmers profits. The Jews consoled the farmers by advising them to mark-up the price of their harvest. The whole town suffered the resulting financial burdens immediately. Then the Jew worms his way into the Duke’s confidence as his advisor, and eventually succeeds in allowing all of the Jews into Wurtemburg. And so the problems begin...Jud Suss shows the Jews in operation, plotting, scheming, manipulating, calling us Goyim and using tactics that are still used today...and widely! It shows how Jews rise to positions of power and how they abuse their power. Although I won/t spoil the ending, I will say that this movie actually has a happy ending. A JUST ending.

Added: 3119 days ago by Sayfullah
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Video Description
Words of Wisdom with Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed on Peace TV. Traps and tactics of Shaitan

Added: 3473 days ago by islamforhumanity
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