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Video Description
An Amazing Crane Driver

Added: 3527 days ago by chabacha
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Video Description
لو شرطي سحب سيارتك بالونش شو بتسوي؟
If the towing truck get your car what would you do?
see the reaction of this woman against tow truck.

Added: 3581 days ago by khaleej
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Video Description
Al Jazeera English airs exclusive footage of a series of deadly Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip, one of which struck as Gaza correspondent Nour Odeh was live on air. The latest news from Al Jazeera. about the injustice Air strive by Israeli Army at Gaza. dead reach 280 people and 100s unjured. it is war crime and second Holocaust in Palestine. HELP HELP HELP

Added: 3639 days ago by chabacha
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Video Description
what that justice to crucify person who is not sinned to take others sin. though Pilate said in John 19 /1-6 Hail, King of the Jews! And they struck Him with their hands. Pilate then went out again, and said to them, Behold, I am bringing Him out to you, that you may know that I find no fault in Him.
And if Jesus is the son of God . Where is the the father 's passion and His mercy when He saw his only son puinishmed without guilty , Can not God protect his son when he saw him tortured by men. dose that punishement suit him bz of Adam 's fault.
thought God puinshed Adam by saking him out heaven in the same time IF God who has the power to protect his Holy mosque in Makkah when Abrah and his elephents went to destory Al- Kaaba ( by thowing flazing stones to them), why God did not protect his son that he did not make gulity. Guys open your mind and think about it, is this make sense to you and ask your self is this can be right?

Added: 3674 days ago by soldier_of_islam
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Video Description
A message from a bye bye Bengali from the streets of Texas to the light of Islam in New York city...WHO IS NO MORE WITH US..Try to watch this and be patient, you may gain something. From the fame of ignorance to the Oneness of Allah.Listen to this Man in the video who is no more with us.....In 32 minutes, we will see a young man who grew up in the jahiliyya (ignorance) of the average quote-on-quote Muslim Family go to the light and guidance... of Islam.Opening from Allah...From an Alien to a guided man...Watch the complete series... Post your further queries to amoaitnoorallah@noorallahproductions.comor speak2noora1@gmail.com

Added: 3812 days ago by nooral12
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Video Description
Bicyclist Crushed A Queens bicycle messenger weaving between two trucks was crushed to death on February 29, police said. Cops said Rahman Asif, 22, was heading east on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst at about 3:12 p.m. when he was caught between a box truck that passed another double-parked truck. Asif was declared dead at the scene and no one was charged in the accident, police said.

Added: 3932 days ago by Noora1
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