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Great warning in the Quran

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The true miraculous aspect of Quran is its complete perfect law, guarantees happy life every mankind live on earth wants, and this explains people acceptance, loving and believing that it is from God Who knows what is for them anytime and anywhere. So Quran came with a distinctive law that convenient for every human because it fulfill his dreams. And this explains why people convert into Islam and believing in Mohammad as a prophet and messenger, and believing that Quran is Gods words revealed to Mohammad and because of that there were more Arab and non-Arab Muslims after Mohammad death and they are in increase because of what they felt of just, mercy and simplicity in his law and the effect of Quran on the life of people who believe in it and the most important of all points is guiding people to worship only God- the creator, the All-Owner- and the disposer of all affairs- without a partner and for that He sent messengers and sent down holy books

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Great warning in the Quran
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>>Quran Recitation- تلاوات قرانية
>>English- أنجليزي
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