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Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal - Shia/Ar-Rafidah

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LOG ONTO REVOLUTIONMUSLIM.COM FOR MORE LECTURES Shaikh Abdullah Faisal has recently completed touring several cities in South Africa on a Dawa Tour that covered many different topics and that encouraged many individuals to expand their knowledge of the deen. His efforts have reaped enormous rewards and he gives dawa in the traditional way, seeking neither profit not fame and placing his reliance for rizq solely on Allah aza wa jaal. While he, May Allah Preserve Him, would never ask specifically for donations and while many viewers of REVOLUTIONMUSLIM.COM still support him, we would like to take time to request that if you can afford to make a donation to support his dawa you do so now by contacting us at revolutionmuslim@gmail.com so we can arrange a payment. We will, inshallah, be producing broadcast quality DVD’s of this lecture and others and if you would like to purchase one for yourself or another and support Shaikh Faisal please contact us by email as well. We thank our viewers for their continuous support and implore all to participate in the revolution at Revolution Muslim. Jazakallah Khairun!

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You are wrong. we believe that "Quran is the complete book of Allah till Qayaamat) which we have today and Imam Mehdi a.s will implement the Law of Quran. Imam Mehdi a.s will make earth peace full.
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Shaikh Abdullah El Faisal - Shia/Ar-Rafidah
rafidah |  shia |  shirk |  mushrik |  kufr |  war |  tagouth |  muslim |  jews |  fitna | 
>>English- أنجليزي
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