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Predestination Volume 1 Chapter 2: Green

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About this chapter: There cannot be a religion that preaches about Living a Green i.e. Clean, Pure and Hygienic life, more than Islam. Islam urges believers to respect Nature, living organisms and their environment and maintain ALLAHs beautiful creations, as our responsibility. This chapter delves into what we have done and how our actions have contributed to this particular sign coming true. And what we should do to improve our life and be truer Muslims. Note: Credit to all the posters on YouTube from whose videos I have taken clips that have helped me create these chapters for your viewing. About the series: The following 3 Volumes consist of a reiteration of the message of ALLAH brought forward to the human race by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Each volume has a set of chapters which are being developed for you ,with thorough research and knowledge, to help you see and understand the message, if not embrace it. These will be launched every week (1-2 chapters per week) having started on the special occasion of Eid Al Adha 2009. They are NOT meant to instigate, shock or scandalize. Their sole purpose is to bring the truth before you - some you might know, some you might not. The Volumes are structured as such with different chapters under each volume: Volume 1: Towards Judgement Day Volume 2: Origins Volume 3: You I hope you take the time and have the patience to go through them, without castigating or hating anything in these videos. In fact, I request you to do so. The first volume that I would like to present to you is Volume 1 and you must explore it to know more. Thank you and may ALLAHs blessing be with you - Muslim or non-Muslim.

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Predestination Volume 1 Chapter 2: Green
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>>Prophet Mohamed (PBUH)- الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه و سلم
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