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Shaikh Abdullah El-Faisal - TAUHID

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evolutionMuslim.com presents the first of four principle lectures that introduce the intial segment of the halaqah on revolutionmuslim.com. Please review and study all four tapes in order: 1)Tauhid 2) Seven Conditions of Shahada 3) The Reality of Iman 4) The Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jammah To participate in the online halaqah one must have a skype account and e-mail revolutionmuslim@gmail.com in order to register. Tests will be conducted on-line and Question and Answer session, inshallah will occur with the Shaikh after the segments. Students will be tested in their command of the proofs divulged in the lecture, there memorization of key ayat and their ability to answer hypothetical questions that may be posed by deviant sects from the ummah. Shaikh Faisal command of the English language, knowledge of Islam and unique understanding of the actualities of the deen make him one of the best resources to learn authentic tauhid from and improve iman. We ask that Allah improves the condition of the Muslims and guides us all to the siratal mustaqeem! Amin!

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Shaikh Abdullah El-Faisal - TAUHID
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