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Kufr of Taghut; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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Do you know that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , the dictator and the so-called founder of Republic of Turkey, was Jewish? To this date, there is extreme confusion among Muslims and non-Muslims alike regarding who was Mustafa Kemal, the dictator of Turkey. Recently, new evidence has surfaced that Mustafa Kemal, the ruthless dictator of Turkey, was not only a non-Muslim, but a secret Jewish descendant of the Jewish Sabbati Zevi! The evidence comes not from tracing his genaology, but from the statements he himself made. Check out the following: Source: FORWARD, A Jewish Newspaper published in New York, January 28, 1994 Allah has commanded us to refer matters to His judgment and to establish Shariah, and He has forbidden us to rule with anything else, as is clear from a number of ayat in the Quran, such as the ayat in Surah al-Maaidah (5) which discuss ruling according to what Allaah has revealed, and mention the following topics: The command to rule according to what Allaah has revealed: And so judge between them by what Allaah has revealed . . . [ayah 49] Warning against ruling by other than what Allah has revealed: . . . and follow not their vain desires . . . [ayah 49] Warning against compromising on any detail of Shareeah, no matter how small: . . . but beware of them lest they turn you far away from some of that which Allaah has sent down to you . . . [ayah 49] Forbidding seeking the ruling of jaahiliyyah, as is expressed in the rhetorical question Do they then seek the judgment of (the Days of) Ignorance? [ayah 50] The statement that nobody is better than Allaah to judge: . . . and who is better in judgement than Allaah for a people who have firm Faith? [ayah 50] The statement that whoever does not judge according to what Allah revealed is a kaafir, a zaalim (oppressor or wrongdoer) and a faasiq (sinner), as Allaah says: . . . And whoever does not judge by what Allaah has revealed, such are the kaafiroon. [ayah 44]; . . . And whoever does not judge by that which Allah has revealed, such are the zaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers) [aayah 45]; . . . And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed (then) such (people) are the faasiqoon (rebellious or disobedient). [ayah 47]. The statement that it is obligatory for the Muslims to judge according to what Allah has revealed, even if those who seek their judgment are not Muslim, as Allah says: . . . And if you judge, judge with justice between them. . . [ayah 42]

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Kufr of Taghut; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Mustafa |  Kemal |  Atatürk |  kafir |  kufr |  shirk |  mushrik |  democracy |  nationalism |  Shareeah |  Tewheed |  Shariah | 
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