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The radiant energy produced under the form of light or heat can be absorbed and transformed into electric current. The first two levels transform the light into electric current and the other three levels take over that heat from the first two levels. The heat lost by the cooling process transforms itself into electric current. By closing the space between the coil and the photo/thermo/electric panels, we obtain two atomic systems, one isolated with N and S electromagnetic polarities forming a quantic generator. The quantic generator has three electric circuits: U1, U…, U2. The electrical circuit to start operating is the circuit U2 composed of the source G, the ballast L, inducing resistors R1 and R2 and switches K1, K2, K3 and K4. The source G of continuous electric current feeds the coil with electric energy. This produces energy as well on its external surface in the isolated atomic system, as on its internal surface of the non/isolated atomic system. The luminous radiant energy and the thermic energy produced by the isolated atomic systems is absorbed by the photo-thermo- electric panels that transform it into electric current. The circuit U will indicate the presence of a tension T. At that moment the circuit U2 is closing and the circuit U1 is opening. The circuits U1 is equipped with a potentiometer P connected to clamps A - B of the circuit U, so as to utilize only part of its tension to feed the coil with electric energy. The value of the tension depends on the position of the cursor C, which grows when the cursor moves towards A and decreases when the cursor moves towards B. ENERGIE LIBERA - FREE ENERGY http://energielibera-freeenergy.blogspot.com/ and http://energienucleara.go.ro manoliu.valentin@yahoo.com manoliu_valentin@yahoo.fr manoliu.v@gmail.com

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