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Praise be to Allah for the blessing of Islam. It is blessing enough. Truly the mere fact of being a Muslim in this darkest of times is in itself a gift beyond price. Allah\s blessings are innumerable , as He, Himself says in The Quran: If you try to count up the number of the blessings of Allah, you will never be able to calculate it. Air you breath, water you drink, food you eat, marriage, children, health and so on. One of His blessings is just too powerful that the toughest person will humble him/herself in front of Allah. It is Allah Who connected that umbilical cord to the womb of your mother to both feed you and clean you from your impurities. I ask Allah ta3ala to fill our hearts with the reality of thankfulness to Him accompanied by the words and actions that flow from it. O Allah assist us in remembering You and thanking You and worshiping You in the best way!

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