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FBI: Mumbai Terrorist attack and NO Pakistani Links-the true story

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According to FBI the actual USA police service recognized as the proper trustable crime agency went to India and Pakistan to investigate and analyze the evidences India present. And FBI rejects it and asserts Ajmal Kasab had no Pakistani links. Indian Hindus stop spreading lies and fake evidences because the world is sick of it. I mean we even caught you speaking to the terrorists of Mumbai. Just surrender you are not as good as Israeli Jewish zionist the mumbai fraud is exposed to the maximum that it was a Indian inside Job by radical Hindu extremist to defame Pakistan and allow Obama to go in from the western border and take over Pakistan and take their nuclear weapons seeing as Pakistan is the only Nuclear Muslim Power of the world. remember Obama promised he was going to attack Pakistan and it is not a surprise that Indian tried to cash in and try to get a reason to go into Pakistan from the East. How is possible that the Indian army officers that were exposing the truth about the Indian army and their terrorist attacks (like the one in Samjotha express and the Indian Parliament attacks) were killed minutes after the Mumbai attacks. Indian doctors have themselves addressed very clearly that the terrorist arrested had certain areas of the body deliberately destroyed to hide the identity. Remember Indian media had started spreading lies about Pakistan within hours after the attack before and investigation taken place they had accused Pakistan quite immaturely. Whereas, the Pakistani government was very co-operative they never denied that the people could be from Pakistan or accepted it until they had studied and investigate it. Even Indian Mahastra Minister resigned after Mumbai attacks accusing the Indian police and agency for not looking at the 50 different Hindu terrorist organizations such as Shiv Sena, Karela, and their own extremist BJP party. The eye witness of the terror scenes admitted that there were several white people talking to the terrorist and there were terrorist talking in Marathi language which is non-existent in Pakistan and only exist in India. There is clear evidence also showing that Indians and Israelis have a very strong relation in funding terrorist in correspondence with CIA (USA intelligence Agency) run by the Israelis that hate the Muslims. Look what happens in Palestine Isreali occupying Muslim lands killing innocents on the basis of terrorism. This neoconservative zionism is really the problems of the world check it out. If you study the ideologies of the Christian and Jewish zionist you will see there beliefs and why they are doing this. Pakistan has already shot and killed 3 air Israeli air planes trying to attack Pakistan Nuclear bases so this perfect for Israelis to use India to attack Pakistan the last hope and considerable force of the Muslim world. Remember Our India is majority Hindu who massacre thousands of Muslims and lower caste Hindus. They rape women from other caste religion ethnicity on daily basis in India there is proof everywhere. They considered cows and sheeps more sacred than many humans. Why do you think Quaid-e-Azam (the founder of Pakistan) was a so eager that he said even if he make Pakistan I square feet he would. The father of Pakistan was considered great friend of Mahatma Gandhi and both believed in peace and unity and to live together but when he realized the hatred and abuse by the hindus and when he saw that the two religions are completely opposite he was forced to create Pakistan. I wish my Muslim family had moved to Pakistan when we had the chance. Hindu Zionism has been nonstop throughout Indian history. India is not secular it is not democratic overall maybe in the developed regions but not through out. Just ask the tamils what these Hindu radical do to them everyday. Why is the Indian Congress full of Hindus. Look at our emblem it is based upon the Askhoka vision. Which was basically to expand India under Hindu caste ideologies that extended from Iran to Nepal. I mean the very symbol of the Indian flag is created upon that so what else do you want me to say.

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FBI: Mumbai Terrorist attack and NO Pakistani Links-the true story
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