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The Sahaba In Aqeeda Al Wasatiyyah - Anwar Al Awlaki

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The term wasatiyyah comes from the root word wasat which means middle or balanced or moderate. The awsat is the mid of every thing. Actually, the wasat (middle) is a synonym for virtue because virtue is defined as the mid between two bad characters or two bad extremes. For instance, generosity is the wasat = (virtue) between niggardliness and extravagance. By the same token, bravery is the middle path (at-tariq al-wasat) between cowardice and rashness. Since al-wasat (middle) requires the existence of the mid which is between all ends in a very just way, scholars have said that wasat also refers to justice and fairness and being the best. Almighty Allah said, The best of them said: Did I not say to you, why do you not glorify (Allah)? (Al-Quran: 68:28) The word best here refers to the Arabic word awsatuhum.

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The Sahaba In Aqeeda Al Wasatiyyah - Anwar Al Awlaki
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>>English Lectures- محاضرات اسلامية بالانجليزية
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