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The Quran and the Jews

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Muslims and non-Muslims do not hate Jews. Actually, followers of the three religions lived together for thousands of years in peace, respect, and mutual recognitions. The exception was the time of the Crusades, which represented European invasions and conquests more than religious wars. Muslims and Jews lived together for the entire Islamic history, about 14 centuries, in tolerance, peaceful existence, and fruitful cooperation. This was the case in the early Islamic states of Umayyads and Abbasids, as well as during the eight centuries of Arab-Islamic rule of Andalusia, or Arab Spain. Jews lived as citizens of the Islamic states throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, with full respect and in peaceful existence. The change has happened when European Jews invented Zionism as a colonial and imperialist movement to dispossess the Palestinian people. Then, these Zionists started to influence Jews everywhere to immigrate to Israel to participate in the Zionist project. Had the Israelis treated Palestinians as citizens, there would be no conflict. Instead, they evicted them from their villages and cities in 1948 and left them for 55 years in refugee camps. Moreover, they occupied the rest of Palestine in 1967 and continued the annexation of more Palestinian land. The conflict is not religious. It is not about verses in the Holy Quran or verses in the Old Testament. Rather, it is about the land of Palestine and the Israeli aggression against Arabs and Muslims Nobody hates Genevieve Cora Fraser, Uri Avener .These are all Jews. But they are brave and peace-loving Jews. They are against the Israeli aggression, which is targeting the Palestinian people. They are also against the Zionist support of the Israeli aggression. Israel, Palestine, and the whole world need more of these to counterbalance the influence of the Sharonites and their neocon supporters. Note: This is brother Sami Zatari video. May Allah be pleased with him

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