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Response:Quran miracles-We sent down the Iron

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Not only does the Quran state the fact iron was sent down, but remarkably, The Iron chapter is in the center of the Quran (ch 57 of 114), just like the Iron core is in the center of the earth. Lets watch another demonstration 57:25 { great strength and benefits to mankind }. Ronald Mirman explains the benefits of earths iron core in his book Our Almost Impossible Universe : Iron is the main element of the core of the earththe earth has a magnetic field, at best difficult if there was little iron. It has many effects; one is to keep cosmic rays and the solar windfrom hitting the earth destroying life. He also explains the benefits and strength of iron. We exist because of properties of iron and of physical laws that give it the greatest binding energy the most tightly bound of all nuclei Our earth has iron, a suitable amount not too little, not too much. Furthermore, Iron is a vital constituent of plant and animal life and works as an oxygen carrier in hemoglobin. http://periodic.lanl.gov/elements/26.... As a result, even though all metals are formed in space, the Quran correctly emphasizes the strength and benefits of iron, whose unique properties are essential for life on earth. Note: the original video belongs to brother muhaddithORG may Allah be pleased with him

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