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Bible Bizarre stories and Roster Hadith Miracleالإعجاز في حديث الديك ا

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A response to the zionist Investigateislam(christian_prince) according to the bible, donkey can see angles: number 22 (23And the ass saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and the ass turned aside out of the way, and went into the field: and Balaam smote the ass, to turn her into the way.) I am sure that christians do not read their own bible the messenger said: when you hear the voice of cocks (roaring of cocks) pray to ALLAH and ask him of his blessings....and here is the hadith in Bukhari:V4B54N522 Allah s Apostle said,When you hear the crowing of cocks seek blessings, their crowing indicates that they have seen an angel. When you hear the braying of donkeys, seek refuge, for their braying indicates that they have seen Satan. we know that devils and Jinn has been created of fire and the angels has been created of light .. recently when the scientific studied the hadith of a materialistic version and with some other researchers they discovered that the donkeys can see things of Infra rouge and the cocks can see the Ultraviolet radiation..for that when the ultraviolet comes front of the infra rouge ..the last one goes away.. no GOD but ALLAH.. and his prophet the last of messengers ..Mohamed who doesnt know write nor read ..by blessings of ALLAH was the guide of the greatest scientific of recent age.. he discovered this complicated theory and primary muslims followed him because they believed in him but we like to make arguments with scholars for nothing just because we have learned some English terms or we speak three languages... but simply forgot our great (religion) http://www.hyahya.org/books/science/m... http://forum.amrkhaled.net/showthread... http://www.bio.bris.ac.uk/research/co... http://www.bio.bris.ac.uk/research/be... http://www.nahranews.com/html/nahra/v...

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Bible Bizarre stories and Roster Hadith Miracleالإعجاز في حديث الديك ا
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>>Interfaith discussion- مناضرات بين الأديان
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