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Barrier In Salt & Sweet Water Miracle of QURAN2

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This is a video response to Investigateislam s video Title: Barrier in Salt and seet water miracle of Quran. He claims that there is an error in the Quran verse:52-53 (And He it is Who hath given independence to the two seas (though they meet); one palatable, sweet, and the other saltish, bitter; and hath set a bar and a forbidding ban between them. ) Tafseer Ul Jalalayn (And Ibn Abbas(ra).): http://www.altafsir.com/Tafasir.asp?tMadhNo=0&tTafsirNo=74&tSoraNo=55&tAyahNo=19&tDisplay=yes&UserProfile=0 bn Katheer tafseer: http://www.tafsir.com/default.asp?sid=55&tid=51616 All: http://www.answering-christianity.com/cgi-bin/quran/quran_search1.cgi?search_text=55%3A19-20&munir_munshey=1&yusuf_ali=1&arberry=1&mohsin_khan=1&palmer=1&shakir=1&sale=1&sher_ali=1&pickthall=1&khalifa=1&rodwell=1&transliteration=1&arabic=1&all=1&B1=Search I warn InvestigateIslam through the Quran, Allah s Jahannam is very hot Mr InvestigateIslam, stop playing with it!!

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Barrier In Salt & Sweet Water Miracle of QURAN2
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>>Interfaith discussion- مناضرات بين الأديان
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