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CRISIS ENERGY SOLUTIONS - THE NUCLEAR FUSION - ROMANIA The nuclear fusion is realized by photo-electric-magneto-thermal effect. The electronic cover is being removed by the “COMPTON” effect and the photons operate directly over the atomic nucleus. The electrical field accelerates the particles but their trajectory will be curved by a magnetic field except for neutrons which don’t have any electrical charge, but only magnetic moments. This iswhy the neutrons move straight ahead, parallel to the axis of the chamber. The electrons and the protons will move in spiral, but in opposite directions, as their electrical charges are opposed. The diameter of the spiral differs because of the difference of the masses. The bigger being the energy of the particle, the bigger being the diameter. The absorption of one atom of nitrogen and one of oxygen - predominant particles in the terrestrial atmosphere - takes place in the accelerating chamber. In the first stage, the electrons orbiting the two atoms are being bombed simultaneously by the photon fascicle and, as a result of this interaction, they are pulled out from their orbits and moved along spiral trajectories having the same direction that the electromagnetic fields has, and located on a peripheral orbit in the accelerating chamber. The loose electrons will appear inside the chamber providing the weak nuclear force. In the second stage, the atoms are ionized, generating in this way the powerful nuclear force. It consists in loose cuclei unwrapped from their electronic cover. The photons interact with the protons, pulling them out from their position. These protons will move in their turn on spiral trajectories in the same direction as that of the electromagnetic field, but opposite to the movement of the electrons. The loose protons will appear inside the accelerating chamber. In the third, the neutrons are bombed in their turn by the photon fascicle being spread in this way. They will move in the direction of the electromagnetic field. The existence of these loose neutrons marks the end of the process meant to create plasma wich, it’s well known, is being characterized as a mixture of loose charges. In the fourth stage, following the above mentioned process and by the directing the particles inside the accelerating chamber, the phosphorus is formed: an atomic structure composed of 15 electrons, 15 protons and 15 neutrons. An energy of 235 MeV is produces at the same time. Along with it we could obtain the union of the weak and strong nuclear force with the electromagnetic force. ENERGIE LIBERA - FREE ENERGY http://energielibera-freeenergy.blogspot.com/ and http://energienucleara.go.ro manoliu.valentin@yahoo.com manoliu_valentin@yahoo.fr manoliu.v@gmail.com

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