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A Jew explains why Allah is the one and only God

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Even Jesus said Allah. According to an Aramaic dictionary, ( http://www.peshitta.org/lexicon/ ) the word for God in Aramaic (The language which Jesus spoke) is (Aalah), which is the exact same thing as the Arabic (Allah) since in English there are many ways to spell a foreign word (Example you can spell the Muhammads name in 27 ways, including Muhammad and Mohamed). Just visit the link and type (God) if you dont believe me, then scroll down to (Pronunciation) So Christians, if your god Jesus said (Allah), it means the Muslims are using the correct word for the creator! The word Allah is better than the word God and is purer since God can be pluralised (gods) and genderised (goddess), the word Allah is more suitable for being HIS name because it CANNOT be genderised nor pluralised (in Arabic) since it is genderless and single, an example in English would be the planet Mars, it is genderless (you cannot say Marsa or whatever it would be if it could be genderised) and it is unpluralisable (you cannot say Marses), it simply wouldnt make sense to genderise or pluralise this planet, the same goes for Allah (الله) in Arabic, so in essence IT IS SUPERIOR to the word God.

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la ilaah illa allah mohammadan rasool allah. brother please how can i download this movie. i would be very greatful if you send me the file. if you can please comunicate with me.
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A Jew explains why Allah is the one and only God
Allah |  religion |  faith |  Jew |  Christian |  Jesus |  Judaism | 
>>Interfaith discussion- مناضرات بين الأديان
>>English- أنجليزي
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