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Biblical prophecies about Gaza-تنبؤات توراتيه محرفة بشأن غزة

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Biblical corrupted prophecies about Gaza تنبؤات توراتيه محرفه بشأن غزه Florida rabbi calls the Gaza massacre a biblical prophecies about Gaza!! While the world harps over so-called radical verses in the Quran, why does the Bible get a free-pass? we have heard this question answered many times this way, no one takes the Bible literally. Wrong! You have a Rabbi in America, a Professor, who takes it quite literally. What about all those extremist Jewish settlers in Palestine, what are they taught in school? Why havent we put their books and literature up for public scrutiny, as the jihad-hunters spend day and night going through Islamic literature? Where is UKs Channel 4s hit-job on extremist Jewish literature talking about the greater Israel? http://deedat.wordpress.com/ AZ congressman supports Israel in current Mideast crisis: http://ktar.com/index.php?sid=1015933&nid=6

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Biblical prophecies about Gaza-تنبؤات توراتيه محرفة بشأن غزة
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