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Wonders Of Islamic Science P3/3

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Islam in focus wonders of islamic science http://www.discover-isl am-online.com/ In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful soon will we show them our signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the truth. is it not enough that thy lord doth witness all things) (those who pervert the truth in our signs are not hidden from us. which is better?- he that is cast into the fire, or he that comes safe through, on the day of judgment? do what ye will: verily he seeth (clearly) all that ye do)

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In times where Moslems are feeling the agony and defeit, this lecture by Sheikh Abdel Hakim Quick should give some confidence to Moslems spirit who feel rather inferior towards Western Technology
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