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Win a Porsche! Mission Europa - 9th July 2011. R U Coming?

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The 24Hour Challenge, R U Coming? The Mission Europa is a unique concept developed by Evolution to raise 100,000 for Mercy Mission and the programs it runs with its strategic partners, Macmillan Cancer Support and Anthony Nolan. The journey will make for a holiday of a lifetime, cutting through five countries, Europe`s finest central mosques and finishing at the world famous Nurbergring lapping one of the finest Formula 1 tracks in the world. WIN a Porsche Boxster! If you are willing to help Mercy Mission, we are willing to help you. The first 50 people who register to raise at least 1,100 for this charity will then be gifted entry into a phenomenal automotive challenge. The price being, we will donate a stunning Porsche Boxter to one of these fifty people we take with us on this journey. WHY? The Goal There are a significant number of Muslims in this country, which are much less fortunate than you and I, and it is not time we reached out to them? The Messenger of Allah (Upon Whom Be Peace) said, `Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth, before you become old; and your health, before you fall sick; and your richness, before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life, before your death` (Ahmad) Will you be from those who will step forward for this mission and race with us to help your fellow Muslims in need? Refuge For Sisters We are 100% committed in launching a unique refuge for our sisters but for this need your help. We are calling out to all the brothers out there individually to say, if there is anyway you can join Mission Europa, please do so. Its going to be a great way for us to raise the money, but also in a way that we can all get involved with. Bringing just three of your friends in a car will mean, we each need to only raise 275, which is not too much. So, are you with us? SIGN UP & Register Today! http://www.missioneuropa2011.com/sign-up.php If you can not come, please just make dua for us and send this on to any friends/family you think maybe interested. We are at 12 registrations right now, and time is running out. Help Us Achieve This Vision, Together We Can Do It.

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Win a Porsche! Mission Europa - 9th July 2011. R U Coming?
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