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Evil of GPU Deception of Global Peace and Unity 2008

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The Devils Deception of Global Peace & Unity The disastrous Global Peace and Unity conference is upon us once again, as if last year was not enough we have to tolerate such nonsense all over again. This conference is making a mockery of Islam and is an insult to our deen. It openly promotes kufr and haraam without any shame under the banner or peace and unity. It claims to be a conference for Muslims yet it is far off from being an Islamic conference. The very basic principles of free mixing, music and Islamic etiquettes are violated with many of the speakers talking nonsense. They openly promote haram and declare kufr on the platform like calling people to join the police and to partake in governmental politics. As if this was not enough they then have what can only be described as a music conference with the audience clapping and whistling with the women also cheering and screaming. The most surprising thing is that the panel of speakers supposedly consists of respectable Islamic scholars yet they remain silent and continue to partake in this event amidst all the evil that it involves. How dare this conference be called Islamic when it clearly goes against the very basic principles of Islam, this is a clear mockery of our deen, making the haram halal and justifying it under the name peace and unity. It is like the person who sells alcohol in order to raise money to build a mosque or a woman who prostitutes herself so she can raise money for the poor, the actions of such people cannot and will never become justified because of the intention behind them. The intention of a person is irrelevant if the actions do not match it and are haram. But this conference goes one step further by not only committing haram but then calling it Islamic and trying to justify it in order to fool the masses, this is no less than zandaqa (heresy). Furthermore it is forbidden for Muslims to sit and listen to kuffar speak and preach their evil and wretched way of life, the very people who deny belief in Allah (swt) and most probably curse our Prophet Muhammad (saw) are given a platform to propagate their filth, all under the name of unity. What sort of unity is this, do you want to unite with the kuffar? This event is sponsored by the Metropolitan Police the very police force that is responsible for arresting and imprisoning hundreds of our Muslims brothers and sisters, and for the shooting of an innocent Muslim. How can we lend support to such an event and thus to the very police force that is engaged in attack Muslims? Our advice to all the sincere Muslims is to stay well away from this conference and such activities. This event is a guise for committing haram and will bring no benefit to the people whatsoever. Global peace and unity cannot be achieved by such impotent and superficial conferences where the ignorant speak in order to entertain the people, rather the only basis for Muslims to unite upon is the Islamic Aqeedah and upon the Shariah which involves following the Shariah in the first place! The organisers and participants of this conference need to fear Allah (swt) and to remember that there will come a day when they will stand before Allah and will have to account for everything that they did in this life. How will you justify yourself on that day? Peace and unity can never be achieved by doing haram and compromising our deen, rather this will only bring the anger and curse of Allah (swt) upon us.

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Very True. It is spreading "Fuhasha" and "Fasad" by mixed gathering and men and women shouting and whistling togather with songs&music named as "Nasheeds".Presence of scholars does not make it Halal.
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Evil of GPU Deception of Global Peace and Unity 2008
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